End of Day Two

Daily Updates

So here it is, beautiful people, day two is at an end. I have had a pretty good day and have eaten only when my stomach is rumbling, which meant having a chocolate digestive. I ate it so quickly, I choked. I need to not do
this again because my body doesn’t like it. What has surprised me the most is how little food my body actually needs to survive and not feel unwell. Yesterday and today I have not felt sick or headachey which is what I usually feel when I diet. I am delighted to say I haven’t felt this once.

However, I have read enough articles and blogs to see that the third day of any diet you try is the worst so I am anxious to see what tomorrow brings. Luckily I am commuting to university tomorrow and will have lectures so I will be busy and minimal food will be eaten (hopefully)! I will be getting up earlier though so I’ll be interested to see if this changes my hunger pattern- I bet it does.

The one thing that I am concerned about is that my stomach will rumble loudly during my lectures. Please can it not? I’ve read online that if you push your stomach in then it will stop it so I will be trying this- baring in mind you know where your stomach situates in your body. I don’t know why but I get so embarrassed when my stomach rumbles but it’s not like I can help it? You’re not supposed to eat in lectures so what can I do?

Anyway, here is my daily update for 31/08/14:

Breakfast: 2x green teas 2kcal

Total: 2kcal

Lunch: Vegetable soup 150kcal, sweetcorn 48kcal

Total: 198kcal

Tea: (told you they were always bad and today is no exception. However, I was reminiscing on every Sunday dinner I’ve had because it is a tradition in my house that Dad cooks his fry up- made of chips, bacon, beans and buckets of ketchup/BBQ sauce. I had this once every single week and I was imagining the weight piling into me. Especially as I would usually not do anything in the day so no exercise and so all of that fat and grease would go straight to my stomach. Oh well luckily I didn’t have to have it, just had to bare the smell of it). Tesco cod fillet with cheddar cheese and chives 240kcal, sweet potato mash with horseradish sauce 194kcal, tomatoes 60kcal, frozen peas 55kcal.

Total: 549kcal

Dessert: onken strawberry fat free yogurt 79kcal, mini millionaire shortbread bite 72kcal

Total: 151kcal.

Snacks: Large orange at around 2pm 90kcal, tesco milk chocolate digestive biscuit 85kcal, raw tomato 20kcal

Total: 195kcal

Exercise: JustDance4 230kcal and treadmill 192kcal burnt.

1.5 litres water

Overall total input: 672kcal.

This is amazing! Sooo happy with this and I’m going to keep going!

I made a crucial error this evening as I mentioned to my mum that my overall intake was 672kcal and she exclaimed “now that is just bloody stupid”. I proceeded to tell her that that was including the exercise I had done and she relaxed a bit. I am prepared for this reaction from my mum because she finds it so hard to lose weight, like me so she will throw negative thoughts at me. I just need to remain positive!

The best part of this journey so far is I’m not even feeling that hungry and I hope this continues, I think the exercise is helping and the amount of water I am drinking. I have kept myself busy too, sorting things out so this has helped me and I’m well on track to being my desired weight. Especially because I went on the scales again this evening and was 11st 0.8lb. SO HAPPY. Have not been this weight in years and it’s just motivating me to keep at it. I can do this and if I can, so can you!

Jessicana xo

Exercise Time Two

Daily Updates

The reason I include this picture of this girl is motivation and also her before picture reminds me a lot of my own body and I would LOVE to have her after body so here I go back off to exercise. I’m sure my body doesn’t know what’s hit it.

Off to do Just Dance 4 and the treadmill again. I’m feeling weaker than I was yesterday so I would do less BUT I weighed myself this morning and I’m back to the big old score of 11st 5lb and I’m not having it. Water weight or whatever you want to call it I don’t want it and I’m not giving up. I’m wearing less to exercise in today too as I want to feel the fat burning away, little by little.


So I burnt 231 calories on the wii and it hurt a bit on my arms where I’d overworked them yesterday but I’m working through it. Swimming is my top sport so when I go back to uni I’m going to seek out the pool. Maybe if it’s a freezing cold outdoor pool I’ll burn even more calories trying to keep warm! Also my friend has just suggested we do a coach to 5km running activity which would be great. Definitely up for that.

And here is my treadmill with my totals for today! I really went for it but did the same km and yesterday, it just took me less time. Also what I don’t understand is why the calories are still only saying 80 burned when I did the majority of my workout on 6.5/7km which was harder than yesterday.

Using this website http://www.fitnessmagazine.com/fitness/printableStory.jsp?storyid=/templatedata/fitness/story/data/1177951651111.xml it says that an hour of power walking at 4mph burns 320 an hour so surely I burnt 192 calories for my 36 minutes? I’m going to go with this as opposed to my treadmill calories, starting from now.

We all just need to remember this:


Jessicana xo

My Celebrity Girlcrush/Motivation


Jennifer Lawrence

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b9dad82af51995c0_Jennifer-Lawrence-Oscars-Dresses.previewdownload (1)

 Jennifer_Lawrence_5 jennifer-lawrence Jennifer-lawrence-bra-size Jennifer-Lawrence-red-Christian-Dior-Fall-2012-Couture-gown-one jennifer-lawrence-vogue-640x400


Not only is JL an amazingly talented actress but she’s also intelligent and down to earth. I like that she isn’t stick thin too, she has curves and of course she is beautiful no matter what she is wearing!

*Motivation* When you have a thin body, you can wear whatever you want and still look gorgeous, as JL demonstrates above.

End of Day One

Daily Updates



Hi everyone, drawing to the end of the day, I thought I would share with you my myfitnesspal app and what my intake was like for the day. I have decided I will show a picture for ‘proof’ and I will type out exactly what I ate/drank and exercised.

Breakfast: 0kcal

Total: 0kcal.

(I woke up really late and didn’t feel like eating anything as I had eaten a lot the previous day).

Lunch: 2x small roasted sweet potato wedges (with a pinch of salt, pepper& garlic) 156kcal, 1 small red onion roasted 9kcal, tsp of tomato ketchup 21kcal.

Total: 186kcal.

Dinner: (I told you about my family dinners)- 2 Fajitas made up of 2 white wraps (278kcal), chicken breast with peppers and spices (320kcal), salad (40kcal).


Dessert: (This REALLY needs to be cut out altogether but I find this hard, especially when my entire family eats yogurts etc and I sit there with a glass of water). 1 Vanilla french yogurt 121kcal.

Total: 121kcal.

Snacks: (These as well should probably be cut out completely but without fruit in between meals, I would faint. You will see a reduction in these as the weeks go by hopefully). 6 raspberries (12kcal), praline french chocolate 173kcal, 1 orange french sweet 16kcal.

Total: 201kcal.

So my total food today is: 1,146kcals.

Total water: 2.5Litres

Exercise calories burned: Dance 237kcal and treadmill 81kcal.

So my overall calorie intake on 30/08/14 is 828kcal. This is the lowest it has been in months and I should hopefully start to see some results.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my first daily blogging and I will continue tomorrow with some more motivation/inspiration and myfitnesspal update.

Jessicana xo

Post exercise

Daily Updates


IMG_3332.JPGFinished my exercise around an hour ago. After deciding that I actually wanted to go on the Nintendo wii as I haven’t in such a long time, I chose the most extensive workout and managed to burn 236.86 calories! I

After that I took to the treadmill which I am lucky enough to have in my garage. I managed to mostly walk (with some running) at a speed of 6km/h and do 10 laps which is 4km or 2 miles and 854yards. Not that great but it is certainly better than no exercise which is what I normally do at the weekends. It also says I burned off 80 calories which is ok, felt like so many more though!



So as I said in a previous post about comments, I can tell you that even today my family has said things.

My Dad asked me what I was doing several times whilst I was both doing Just Dance and on the treadmill. He then said “Oh yeah, you didn’t walk up the mountain with Mum and I did you. Oh yeah, I see.”

See what? He basically thinks I’m working out because I’ve got fat over the holiday which I can tell you now, is not true and he has no idea. You will probably learn from reading this blog that my Dad has a very funny attitude towards food and exercise. He is skinny and also suffers from a reflux disease where every time he eats, he has to slowly otherwise the food is regurgitated. It is quite disgusting and we all feel sorry for him. This makes it almost impossible for us to go out to dinner as he always feels uncomfortable.

My mum on the other hand is more relaxed. She is slightly overweight and my Dad puts a lot of pressure on her to lose weight and to not eat. This has the reverse effect as she ‘rebels’ and ends up eating more than she might have otherwise. She has very low self-esteem as it is and so her being overweight, makes her lose even more confidence. She has tried and failed at dieting countless times and I’ve watched her every time. Today, mum had some chocolate leftover from the holiday that she’d been eating and offered me some- you’ll see it on my myfitnesspal app later that I will upload (I will try and do this daily).

I have a sister too, younger than me and a LOT thinner than me. She is taller than me too which is even more unfair. It is hard being her sister as I am always next to her and people are always judging and comparing us. We are very different people and have very different frames and to be compared is a just a joke but I don’t want to have to feel like this any more. I want to be able to stand tall and confident next to her, without worrying how fat I look. We can share a few clothes but I want to share ALL our clothes- double the wardrobe then! *Motivation*.

Initial hello

Welcome Information

Maldives '13

Hello and welcome to my weightloss/thinspo&fitspo blog. My name is Jessica and I’m a 19 year old university student. Today is the beginning of a new me- for real this time. I have recently been researching and browsing online through numerous thinspo/weightloss/fitspo (and even some pro ana) blogs to help me with my weightloss and to inspire me.

Today, the 30th of August 2014 I will begin a journey to become my dream weight. As you can see from the photo I have enclosed, I am not slim. I’m 5ft6 and I weigh currently (wait while I go and weigh myself) 11st 1lb which is a whopping 70.5kg and 155.4lbs. My BMI is 24.9 which is 0.1 off being overweight and I am not happy about this. This weight has actually surprised me as I have just been in the French Alps on holiday. During my time here, I swam 2 miles over the week, climbed 2 mountains, went on numerous walks and did restrain myself from eating all the snacks and treats that my other family members were indulging on. Anyway 11st 1lb is a new low weight for me and I’m pretty pleased, in the picture enclosed I am 11st 3lb.

My dream weight is a way off yet and I know that I am in serious need to work hard and stretch my motivation to its limits. I wasn’t going to identify a weight goal as I have read a number of times that it is often a downer and can reduce motivation in yourself but I am going to have one anyway- I would like to be 10 stone. I don’t think this is unrealistic and it would mean my BMI would be around 22 which is great and very healthy. Unfortunately, the last time I weighed 10 stone was around 4 years ago now, when I was around 14. Does this mean it will take me 4 years to get this weight off? Hopefully not, it is only a weight reduction of 15lbs after all. Healthily, dieticians say you can lose 1.5lbs a week so this means I could weigh 10 stone by the 8th of November! Let’s try it.

However, even when I was 14 and younger I had an issue with the way I looked and my weight. Everyone around me was thinner than me. My main problem area has always been (and hopefully won’t always be) my stomach/gut. I don’t have a muffin top, no but I do have a layer of extra fat that I know and can feel shouldn’t be there. My thighs are quite large and so is my bottom but I don’t mind these so much. If I lose weight from them too, I will be happy regardless. My face is also quite rounded and I recently had a comment from a family member who wondered why my face had got so rounded as I got older, compared to my younger sister. This comment has left me feeling annoyed and ugly (as you can imagine). I will be discussing comments throughout my blog and ways I deal with them and ways you can too- feel free to contact me if you want to talk more on this. The way I dealt with this is to ACT and now, I am.

One issue I have with starting this now is that I am currently at home with my family and they like to have large dinners in the evening which often make me feel bloated. I am returning to university full time in a few weeks when I will be able to start my new lifestyle properly. I can prevent my family’s dinners from bloating me by eating less in the day time and exercising which is what I plan on doing, starting from today.

So my blogging officially begins today and I hope to inspire many of you and to maybe make some friends along the way, so don’t hesitate to contact me. My plan for the next few posts will be discussing the research I have done, my motivation and my personalised plan to losing these 15lbs!

I am also going to insert a poll here because I want to hear what you have to say about your body! In the comments you’re welcome to explain your answer.

Jessicana xo