My Celebrity Girlcrush/Motivation Two


6aa210e9373023ca4950664acd167c5d scarlett-johansson-bodyesq-scarlett-johansson-swa-xln-body-2123728924 scarlett-johansson-body-2046468287 scarlet_johansson_green_beltedScarlett-Johansson-Body-Style  Scarlett-Johansson-hot-pic


scarlett-johansson wallpapers leave-gal-gadot-alone-can-t-we-stop-body-shaming-our-superheroines-a5be681a-bd8d-4e64-90e6-d0e7d4d52fe8

Scarlett Johansson is my second celebrity girlcrush because she is gorgeous. She has an amazing body- thin waist but curvy. I particularly like the photo of her in the green pencil skirt and beige jumper with blonde hair. I like her because she has green eyes like I do and I got my tragus pierced partly because she does :).

Jessicana xo


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