End of Day Five

Daily Updates


Today was my worst day so far but I will not give up. I could’ve made it a lot better by eating less during the day and exercising but I wanted to recover my knee 100%. I will exercise tomorrow. The problem was it was one of my friend’s birthday and we went out for dinner at Prezzo.

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I found it hard to stick to my 1,200 food limit and hence, I was over. I’m pretty gutted, however I should continue to lose weight on this amount, just a less amount. I was quite pleased at myself for being able to keep it this low. I don’t really enjoy going out to eat and really try to avoid it at all costs, I hate the idea that food is the only thing that can bring people together. Pathetic. This is why I hate restaurant dates and will always avoid them. They also have extortionate prices on all their meals compared to making it at home with your own ingredients- a spaghetti bolognaise for £10.50, are you serious? I could make 50 spaghetti bolognaises for that price.

 Anyway, here is my update of my rubbish day of the 03/09/14 as I will continue to show all of my progress- both ups and downs:

Breakfast: nectarine 70kcal, green tea 1kcal.

Total: 71kcal.

Lunch: Blueberries 53kcal, banana 100kcal, strawberry and banana aldi smoothie 55kcal.

Total: 208kcal.

Tea: Half a Prezzo garlic bread (no cheese) 140kcal, 3/4 of a prosciutto ham and asparagus flatbread (again, no cheese) 416kcal, diet coke 0kcal.

Total: 556kcal.

Dessert: Chocolate Profiteroles 400kcal.

Total: 400kcal.

Snacks: white chocolate 60kcal, cooked ham 22kcal, mint 10kcal, cranberry juice 72kcal.


No exercise

1.5litres water.

So, as you can see I messed up but I am not that bothered because tomorrow is a new day and I am a young woman who is going to go out for dinner every now and again and I was pretty good for ordering a zero calorie drink, sharing a garlic bread and eating less than 3/4 of my pizza as I didn’t eat the crusts- I didn’t get mozzarella on my pizza either which probably reduced about 200kcal from it.

As I was going to bed tonight, my mum said “I’m worrying about you, you’re so slim and beautiful.” I disagreed and asked why she was worrying. She said “You’ve lost weight on your face, it is looking more defined.” HALLELUJAH! If I have lost weight on my face, I am delighted. It means this diet is WORKING.

However, she is my mum and she sometimes says things like this, just to stop me from losing weight. AND there is something key she said there. I’m so ‘slim’. What is slim? It’s not fat and it’s not thin either. I HATE SLIM. It’s a stupid word and I don’t want to be it. I will continue until I am THIN. She can worry about me then.

I will weigh myself tomorrow and see what it’s like. I will also exercise.

Jessicana xo

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