End of Day Six

Daily Updates


Back at university today everyone! Moved into my new house and it is amazing.

I don’t have wifi at the moment and I don’t know when I will be next able to post but I will post this when I do even though it may no longer be the 04/09/14. I didn’t realise how much I rely on this blogging until I couldn’t do it and so I will be trying my best to continue posting and continue with my motivation.

Today was a pretty good day! I was super busy and even fit in my exercise.

So here is my daily update for 04/09/14:

Breakfast: 1 trebor mint 10kcal.

Total: 10kcal.

Lunch: 3x fish fingers 162kcal, ketchup 21kcal, 1x Jaffa cake 46kcal.

Total: 229kcal.

Tea: REALLY BAD WENT TO AN ALL YOU CAN EAT CHINESE BUFFET BECAUSE IT WAS ONLY £6.99!! I have estimated what I had and the total is around 756kcal which isn’t too bad.

Total: 756kcal

Dessert: 0kcal

Total: 0kcal.

Snacks: blueberrys 34kcal, nectarine 70kcal, strawberry and banana smoothie 65kcal, green tea 0kcal.

Total: 170kcal.

Exercise: overall 5km burnt 301kcals.


Water 1.5litres

Overall input for today is: 1,165 food- 301 exercise= 864kcal which is good!
Even if the Chinese was more than that it wouldn’t be 400 more and so I would still be okay- yay.

Jessicana xo

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