End of Day Eight

Daily Updates



Hi there, this is my update for today (06/09/14), I was shopping today so burnt calories walking around but I was also hanging so ate way way waaaaay too much and am quite annoyed but oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

Breakfast: (I ATE BROWN TOAST FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YEARS AND BUTTER! I was hungover so needed it, I didn’t manage to eat the whole piece though as I felt so sick). 1 piece of brown bed 110kcal, butter 11kcal, tea with 2 sugars (no milk) 50kcal.

Total: 171kcal.

Lunch: Salt and black pepper cracker 21kcal, barbeque chicken sandwich from costa 390kcal, costa lemon drizzle 374kcal.

Total: 785kcal.

Tea: crispy chicken 210kcal, noodles 310kcal, tomato 12kcal, cucumber 8kcal.

Total: 540kcal.

Snack: 1 mint 10kcal.

Total: 10kcal.

So my overall intake is 1,506kcal which to be honest will also make me lose weight as online it says I should be eating 1,700kcal which is a complete lie.

Jessicana xo

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