End of Day Seventeen

Daily Updates


Hey lovelies,

I am finally getting up to date with my blogging woo! I’m writing this the day after I did it so I’m almost there, I’ll be getting wifi on Wednesday so then I’ll be more religious with it, honest! I am seventeen days into my journey and I can honest say there is a change! I weighed myself this morning and I am 10st 10lbs which is so so good for me, I haven’t been this in years and I’m not stopping now. I can’t quite believe I’m actually losing weight!

I’m living with two of my university friends this year and they’ve come with a very healthy, fit attitude to life and one girl has previously lost a lot of weight so she is an ‘expert’ or so she claims. I’m not going to let her govern me though as I know what works for me. She uses weight watchers and I don’t want to use the products as they often have more calories than the substitute foods! Also I watched her eat three biscuits this evening because she hadn’t eaten all of her points worth during the day- surely if you’re no hungry you shouldn’t eat? Just my opinion. She also wants to document our weight losses but I don’t want to. I am the heaviest and I’m just not doing it.

I thought it would be great to live with people keen on a healthy lifestyle but I’m now feeling pressure which I really don’t want and I don’t think will help my weight loss but we’ll see.

Anyway here is my update for yesterday (15/09/14):

Breakfast: 4x krackawheats 136kcal (these were actually eaten throughout the day to stop hunger, I ate two for breakfast).
Total: 136kcal.

Lunch: fruit cake 280kcal, gala apple 52kcal.
Total: 332kcal.

Tea: veggie tesco bean burger 225kcal, brown rice 216kcal, cherry tomato 16kcal, cucumber 8kcal, barbecue sauce 19kcal, green tea 0kcal.
Total: 484kcal.

Snacks: nectarine 70kcal, diet lemonade 2kcal.
Total: 72kcal.

Exercise- 64 lengths (25m pool) took me 45 minutes! Apparently that means I burnt 335 calories. I did 32 front crawl and 32 breast stroke.
– Half an hour walk burnt 122kcal!
Total: 457kcal.

Total input: 1,024- 457= 547 input.

Yay so happy with that, bring on tomorrow!

Jessicana co

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