End of Day Nineteen

Daily Updates



Hello everyone :-).

I am writing this actually on the day I completed it, as promised and therefore am completely up to date (phew!). I am impressed to have stayed on until day nineteen! It will keep going to because I am really enjoying blogging my experiences with dieting and my weightloss, all of the likes and support you guys give me makes it even better, so thank you!

Today I was hungover and I didn’t have much of an appetite until I came home from doing 64 lengths of swimming and my stomach growled probably the loudest I’ve ever heard it. I was glad it was rumbling because I like my stomach to tell me when it is really hungry, not my head which is often the case.

 Anyway, here is the update for 17/09/14:

Breakfast: Nectarine 70kcal.

Total: 70kcal.

Lunch: Chilli con carne (I wasn’t even hungry I was just making it in bulk- 6 dinners worth! I pinched a bit to make sure it tasted ok, so this is a guesstimate of what I ate maximum) 150kcal.

Total: 150kcal.

Tea: Tesco vegetarian bean burger 225kcal, cherry bakewell tart (my second favourite after almond croissants! Can you see the running trend of almond here?) 215kcal- so unfair that it is so many calories for a tiny cake, low fat strawberry yogurt 100kcal (SO SORRY I ATE THIS LATER AND DIDN’T ADD IT TO MYFITNESSPAL).

Total: 540kcal.

Snacks: Baked beans 135kcal.

Total: 135kcal.

Exercise- 64 lengths of swimming burnt 333kcal.

2 cups of green tea, 1litre of water.

Total input: 895-333= 562kcal!

Wow. If only I could be hanging everyday without the amount of alcohol the day before! I know that I wasn’t hungry simply due to the chips I had at 4am, maybe they should count towards my calories for today? If so, my intake is 962kcal, which is still ok.

Jessicana xo


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