End of Day Twenty

Daily Updates



Hello lovelies, bit late after saying I wasn’t going to be late any more but here is my daily update for 18/09/14:

Breakfast: Nectarine 70kcal.

Total: 70kcal.

Lunch: 10 frozen raspberries 9kcal, 2 gala apples 104kcal, frozen mango chunks 132kcal *smoothie*.

Total: 245kcal.

Tea: Mashed potatoes 107kcal, boiled gammon 280kcal, white sauce 56kcal, boiled carrots 27kcal, boiled brocolli 7kcal, boiled cabbage 40kcal.

Total: 518kcal.

Dessert: *I have just realised that my profiteroles were never added to myfitnesspal* I ate 5 :-(, 242kcal.

Total: 242kcal.

Snacks: Chocolate square 54kcal.

Total: 54kcal.

I walked over 7 miles today to university and back, plus when I went shopping so the online website I use said I burnt more than this but I’ve put 485. I doubt it’s even possible to burn this much from moderately paced walking but regardless, I will never eat the calories I burn exercising!

So my overall input of food was 1,129kcal-485 exercise=644kcal.

Not bad! Pretty happy with that, sorry for the late update. I am going out tonight so will be drinking a lot and eating :-(. Life of a student! A lot of my friends are questioning me about why I don’t go out but I can hardly say because of the calories in the alcohol! Anyone had this experience?

Jessicana xo

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