What can I say? I completely lied to you all about doing a blog everyday because I have simply not had any time to really write on here.

Also, I’m ashamed. I haven’t done very well with my eating, recently. I’ve been ok, I’m currently 10st 6lbs so I haven’t put all the weight I have lost back on but now that it is Christmas, I fear it will come back. I’m quite scared and every time I eat something, the numbers flicker in my brain telling me not to eat that it’s 200 calories! That’ll add a cm to you knees again, well done. You fat bitch.

It’s christmas tomorrow and I’ve been trying to search for some good christmas tips about not eating but I can hardly find any so my next blog post is going to discuss what I have found to help myself and to help you guys resist the food that will be put under your nose tomorrow. I don’t want to have to go through the pain of dieting again, just for the sake of a few sausage rolls and ice cream. F**k that!

Jessicana xo


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