Guys weigh in day is here! I’m 10 st 8.6lbs! So I lost a total of 5.7lbs! I am so so happy and now am going to continue the week on 1200 calories and see where it gets me the wedding.

Wow I didn’t think that this diet would actually work but it really did. I didn’t lose 10lbs but it’s not the end of the week yet. Yay I’m just going to keep going!

Jessicana xo



YAY. I have officially finished the diet and am now in bed so there will be no more eating. I’m not even hungry, how good is that? ☺️

I cannot wait for my porridge tomorrow morning though and my salad at lunch time 😄. How sad?

One error I made with the diet is that I’ve actually under eaten for the first two days according to the full calorie intake guidelines on the website- oops! I ate the full 1,100 today though and didn’t even eat that added banana that I ate yesterday instead so I officially did it! I’m delighted now PLEASE can the results reflect my hard work? I do feel a bit thinner but definitely not 10 pounds thinner. I’m going to eat between 1200-1400 calories for the rest of the week so hopefully that will help me.

Here is what I ate today.



One Apple, three water crackers with 25g Davidstow cheddar cheese. Delicious but so so small and not as nice as my porridge.



I couldn’t eat the egg today, it was just too disgusting yesterday so instead I had 225ml of semi-skimmed milk and a single slice of toast. It was hell. I wanted more food so bad but I resisted by having a nap and a glass of  vitamin c effervescent. 



Two tins of tuna seasoned with salt and pepper. Filled me up so much but was so boring when my family were eating vegetarian quorn enchiladas! The smell destroyed me but oh well.



I was hungry so has eaten most of it by the time I remembered to take a photo, sorry! Greek yogurt with jam.

That’s all! I’m delighted. PLEASE PLEASE CAN I HAVE LOST AT LEAST 5 LBS! Weigh in tomorrow AM.

See you then,

Jessicana xo



Well I finished the second day yesterday and it was terrible. I NEARLY broke it by eating an apple. In fairness, I did sort of break it but not really. They were quite subjective about the two hot dogs I could eat yesterday so I ate two veggie sausages for dinner then at around 7pm I ate two slices of ham and two of pastrami. I also ate the other half of the banana which I am supposed to eat today instead so I’m just going to skip that today.

What is making everything a lot worse is that I have a cold. I went to bed at 2030 last night and slept for 11 or so hours just to try to get rid of it. It hasn’t worked it is worse than ever, I am definitely having a nap today.

Anyway this is what I ate:



The diet called for an egg but I really really don’t like eggs at all so I had two tiny pieces of bacon which is a fair substitute apparently. Along with a slice of wholemeal toast and half a banana.



By far the most disgusting lunch I have ever eaten in my life. I forced myself to eat a hard boiled egg and to try to cover the flavour I added some soy sauce. I wouldn’t have eaten it otherwise. I also had chilli flavoured cottage cheese which was also completely foul tasting. I was glad when it was over. 



Was delicious! I often eat this anyway.



I think the fact I am not eating ice cream is making this diet harder for me. Greek yogurt even with the jam I add is a lot less calorie  then if I had vanilla ice cream! 

It’s funny I am noticing that I am craving just normal food so much like my porridge in the morning and cherry tomatoes at lunch. I can’t wait to have a normal dinner with my family too!

Bring on today, I’m already starving!

Jessicana xo

14 days till the wedding 😱


Hi there guys,

I’m going to be posting more because we have 14 days until the wedding now. 

Today I have eaten 1203 calories which is not bad. I’m getting back on track. Here are some pictures of my meals today.






I also ate a nice dinner of fish fusions, sweet potato and mange tout.

I’m starving right now but I need to keep going. I want to be 9 stone 13lbs for the wedding but there is no way I can lose 11 pounds in two weeks. I can probably lose 4 pounds so that will have to do, I will be 10 stone 6lbs at the wedding which is ok. Better than 11 stone which I as before but we will see what I can do!

Jessicana xo



What can I say? I completely lied to you all about doing a blog everyday because I have simply not had any time to really write on here.

Also, I’m ashamed. I haven’t done very well with my eating, recently. I’ve been ok, I’m currently 10st 6lbs so I haven’t put all the weight I have lost back on but now that it is Christmas, I fear it will come back. I’m quite scared and every time I eat something, the numbers flicker in my brain telling me not to eat that it’s 200 calories! That’ll add a cm to you knees again, well done. You fat bitch.

It’s christmas tomorrow and I’ve been trying to search for some good christmas tips about not eating but I can hardly find any so my next blog post is going to discuss what I have found to help myself and to help you guys resist the food that will be put under your nose tomorrow. I don’t want to have to go through the pain of dieting again, just for the sake of a few sausage rolls and ice cream. F**k that!

Jessicana xo

I’m back for the month :)


Okay I am back and I NEED to be back!

As you know, I did so well with my weightloss over the past few months but if the last two weeks I feel like I have put all of the weight back on, I haven’t- I’m 10st 8lb but that’s not what it was before. With a lowest weight of 10st 4lb I was feeling amazing and so much more confident.

Today I’m on 1,123kcal and I’ll be attempting to give you daily updates again! I have a few ideas up my sleeve for blog and motivational posts and I really need to get back into looking at thinspo because THAT is what helped me.

Off I am too go look at some victoria secret models!


Thinspo/Inspiration Randomer



I recently stumbled up this picture on pinterest. I cannot believe how thin her stomach is. She is sat down and it’s so flat. Regardless of the stupid duck face she is pulling, she has an amazing body. If I could ever get a body like this, I would never be unhappy. I would be so confident in my body.

I will continue to wish and WORK for it! Lets do this.

Jessicana xo