Influences on energy balance

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Recently in my lectures we have been doing about obesity. They have argued that obesity is a Long Term Condition and thus needs management plans and treating. I agree with the fact that obesity needs managing and helping to treat but I find it hard to agree that it is a Long Term Condition because I think obesity is curable, whereas Long Term Conditions are not. What I mean as a Long Term Condition is an illness that someone lives with for a long time, requires management and is incurable. Some people may have obesity for a long time, it DOES require management but I think it is curable.

Another thing they showed us was the influences on energy balance (Jebb 2006) and a construct of an obesity system map:


This was the simplest one I could find, simply highlighting the different influences on obesity. Many people believe it is a strictly biological construct but it isn’t, there are complex behavioural and societal roles involved.


Here is a slightly more complicated one highlighting the organisations also to blame.


And another one highlighting the influences.


I found this picture whilst browsing google and the caption was ‘Obese Nation’. I think this picture is terrifying. The tiny girl next to him will be influenced by his intake and there is nothing that he or she can do about it without him taking action to lose weight. He may not even be able to lose weight due to other long term conditions he may have like arthritis or respiratory problems, which is a completely different topic.

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Family food fights

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I just wanted to address something that has been running through quite a lot of my recent blogs. The fact that when I am at home, I eat so much more than I do when I’m home.hero_mom_serving_break momservingtacos woman-serving-food

This is mostly because my mum is constantly making food and giving it to me. Yesterday, she brought in my food to the lounge for me to eat and watch TV- ridiculous! She isn’t my slave? I told her it was silly and she got offended. I don’t like my mum serving me like that, especially when I saw what she had made me. White rice. Whyy? It never fills me up and makes me so bloated. I tried to eat around it but she was watching so I ate it, not wanting to.

It sounds silly but it puts me off coming home, I don’t want to eat some of the things she makes they are so unhealthy and the portion size for dinner is always the equivalent of 700 calories or more. I know she means well but I don’t want to eat 700 calories in one meal, that’s how much I would like to in one day.

Another issue I have is that the cupboards are always full, for example here are some of the foods currently less than 5 metres from me and the temptation is unreal.

295974 caramel-bar dino-cake-2010-016 download (9) download (10) halloumi

And many more! If you don’t know what these are above: Sea salt crackers, caramel bar, fondant icing (For cakes but so tasty alone), dried fruit, orange juice and halloumi cheese.

The worst thing is- I can eat ANY of these if I want, at pretty much any time. All of which will make me fat. Orange juice is the worst because I swig it disgustingly from the fridge- yup, I admit it so I need to use some aversion theory on orange juice.


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Current issues

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I have been undergoing my lifestyle change for over a week now and I today and yesterday were the first days that I have felt extremely depressed and sad in myself. I’m not sure whether it is the lack of food or the amount of change and disruption in my life that has caused it but I am very conscious that this may mean I’m going to binge any time now. However, all of these changes do make me feel extremely sick and so I haven’t been over eating as you will see in my update today but I do think I am going to have to have a break from blogging as I just don’t have the amount of time that I need for it, at the moment. I apologise to all my followers but I will return soon enough.

Just in case you all wanted to know- my current weight is 11st 0.8lb and so I have lost a few pounds and am closer to my goal weight than ever.

Goodbye for now, dear followers.

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Initial hello

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Maldives '13

Hello and welcome to my weightloss/thinspo&fitspo blog. My name is Jessica and I’m a 19 year old university student. Today is the beginning of a new me- for real this time. I have recently been researching and browsing online through numerous thinspo/weightloss/fitspo (and even some pro ana) blogs to help me with my weightloss and to inspire me.

Today, the 30th of August 2014 I will begin a journey to become my dream weight. As you can see from the photo I have enclosed, I am not slim. I’m 5ft6 and I weigh currently (wait while I go and weigh myself) 11st 1lb which is a whopping 70.5kg and 155.4lbs. My BMI is 24.9 which is 0.1 off being overweight and I am not happy about this. This weight has actually surprised me as I have just been in the French Alps on holiday. During my time here, I swam 2 miles over the week, climbed 2 mountains, went on numerous walks and did restrain myself from eating all the snacks and treats that my other family members were indulging on. Anyway 11st 1lb is a new low weight for me and I’m pretty pleased, in the picture enclosed I am 11st 3lb.

My dream weight is a way off yet and I know that I am in serious need to work hard and stretch my motivation to its limits. I wasn’t going to identify a weight goal as I have read a number of times that it is often a downer and can reduce motivation in yourself but I am going to have one anyway- I would like to be 10 stone. I don’t think this is unrealistic and it would mean my BMI would be around 22 which is great and very healthy. Unfortunately, the last time I weighed 10 stone was around 4 years ago now, when I was around 14. Does this mean it will take me 4 years to get this weight off? Hopefully not, it is only a weight reduction of 15lbs after all. Healthily, dieticians say you can lose 1.5lbs a week so this means I could weigh 10 stone by the 8th of November! Let’s try it.

However, even when I was 14 and younger I had an issue with the way I looked and my weight. Everyone around me was thinner than me. My main problem area has always been (and hopefully won’t always be) my stomach/gut. I don’t have a muffin top, no but I do have a layer of extra fat that I know and can feel shouldn’t be there. My thighs are quite large and so is my bottom but I don’t mind these so much. If I lose weight from them too, I will be happy regardless. My face is also quite rounded and I recently had a comment from a family member who wondered why my face had got so rounded as I got older, compared to my younger sister. This comment has left me feeling annoyed and ugly (as you can imagine). I will be discussing comments throughout my blog and ways I deal with them and ways you can too- feel free to contact me if you want to talk more on this. The way I dealt with this is to ACT and now, I am.

One issue I have with starting this now is that I am currently at home with my family and they like to have large dinners in the evening which often make me feel bloated. I am returning to university full time in a few weeks when I will be able to start my new lifestyle properly. I can prevent my family’s dinners from bloating me by eating less in the day time and exercising which is what I plan on doing, starting from today.

So my blogging officially begins today and I hope to inspire many of you and to maybe make some friends along the way, so don’t hesitate to contact me. My plan for the next few posts will be discussing the research I have done, my motivation and my personalised plan to losing these 15lbs!

I am also going to insert a poll here because I want to hear what you have to say about your body! In the comments you’re welcome to explain your answer.

Jessicana xo