Daily Updates

Yay yay yay! 

I have completed day one of the diet!

I have eaten-


This is one piece of wholemeal toast with two WHOLE tablespoons (30g) of peanut butter. Wow. That was a lot of peanut butter, way more than I would normally have eaten but still I enjoyed it, it felt like a treat to be honest ha. There is a caffeinated black tea with it. What is not included in this diet is the grapefruit that I was supposed to eat. I didn’t have any grapefruit in the house, unfortunately, so the substitution was for a half teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in water. I drank this and it was foul. However, it is supposed to kick start your metabolism or fat burning process in the liver! 



Lunch was delish, but very little as you can see. This was all I ate. Usually I finish off with some other vegetables like cucumber and cherry tomatoes and I did actually crave them! However I stuck to my guns. So here, I drank one caffeinated tea again. I ate one piece of wholemeal toast with a can of tuna. I did season the tuna with salt and pepper which I don’t normally do, I would put a sauce on it but I didn’t. 



Here is my dinner. They told us to eat a deck of cards sized piece of meat (85g) and a cup of green beans. I didn’t have either of these and so I ate 3 slices of ham, 1 slice of pastrami, a lot of lettuce and cucumber which came to about 31 calories which is the amount the green beans would have come to. On top of that I ate:


I ate half a banana and an apple. Also I was allowed to eat a whole cup of vanilla ice cream which I substituted for 187g of Greek yogurt with 30g fruit jam which was probably a lot less calories. 

I don’t feel hungry at the moment. I drank nine cups of tea/water throughout the day plus a Vitamin C tablet which was 10 calories.

I did work out my calories just to see how many it was- 964! That’s so so low. I didn’t do any exercise today and I did feel a bit dizzy at times but I just had to drink some water and I was fine!

So that’s the end of day one.

You may wonder what sparked my decision to do this diet. Well. Apparently I weigh 11 stone 0.4 lbs. I cried. I know I have been binging lately but I didn’t deserve to be that weight. Anyway with the wedding approaching it has frightened me into dieting hardcore style.

If any of you have not heard of this diet then go to 

It has all the information on there including substitutions and FAQs.

I have been trawling through the vast amount of success stories online especially on YouTube so please look and get inspired. 

Im excited to find out my results and see how tomorrow goes! Wish me luck. 

Jessicana xo


End of Day Fifteen

Daily Updates



Hello everyone, I am finally getting back on track with my daily updates, I am actually writing this on the day that I completed it, however I will be scheduling it later so you can see my previous days before it- makes sense? Hopefully! 🙂

I went bridesmaid dress shopping again today and as you’ll see in another post, later on this evening, it was successful but entirely devastating. Regardless, it didn’t change how much I ate which it really should have done!

Breakfast: Nectarine 70kcal, a Sip of orange juice 12kcal.

Total: 82kcal.

Lunch: *Pub lunch estimate amount* Large white pitta bread 225kcal, iceburg lettuce 5kcal, 2 cherry tomatoes 8kcal, sour cream dip 73kcal, salsa 10kcal, pepper 14kcal, chicken breast 76kcal, Diet Coke 0kcal.

Total: 411kcal.

Tea: *Indian takeaway- uh oh, not actually as bad as I normally am!* 1/3 of a peshwari nan bread 262kcal, Tablespoon of chicken balti with 2 pieces of chicken 92kcal, tablespoon of chicken tikka masala with 1 piece of chicken 75kcal, Chicken shaslic with 1 piece of chicken 74kcal, 1/8 of a tray of pilau rice 71kcal.

Total: 575kcal. (Can’t actually believe I managed to eat so little considering there was SO MUCH left! I didn’t feel like I missed out on anything either as I had a little bit of everything).

Dessert: *why!?* Grandad’s birthday fruitcake 314kcal (approx.)

Total: 314kcal.

Snacks: Iced bun 135kcal, Werther’s original 8kcal.

Total: 143kcal.

Overall total: 1,525kcal.

This would’ve been an ok day without the fruit cake, I MUST RESIST IT.

Jessicana xo

End of Day One

Daily Updates



Hi everyone, drawing to the end of the day, I thought I would share with you my myfitnesspal app and what my intake was like for the day. I have decided I will show a picture for ‘proof’ and I will type out exactly what I ate/drank and exercised.

Breakfast: 0kcal

Total: 0kcal.

(I woke up really late and didn’t feel like eating anything as I had eaten a lot the previous day).

Lunch: 2x small roasted sweet potato wedges (with a pinch of salt, pepper& garlic) 156kcal, 1 small red onion roasted 9kcal, tsp of tomato ketchup 21kcal.

Total: 186kcal.

Dinner: (I told you about my family dinners)- 2 Fajitas made up of 2 white wraps (278kcal), chicken breast with peppers and spices (320kcal), salad (40kcal).


Dessert: (This REALLY needs to be cut out altogether but I find this hard, especially when my entire family eats yogurts etc and I sit there with a glass of water). 1 Vanilla french yogurt 121kcal.

Total: 121kcal.

Snacks: (These as well should probably be cut out completely but without fruit in between meals, I would faint. You will see a reduction in these as the weeks go by hopefully). 6 raspberries (12kcal), praline french chocolate 173kcal, 1 orange french sweet 16kcal.

Total: 201kcal.

So my total food today is: 1,146kcals.

Total water: 2.5Litres

Exercise calories burned: Dance 237kcal and treadmill 81kcal.

So my overall calorie intake on 30/08/14 is 828kcal. This is the lowest it has been in months and I should hopefully start to see some results.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my first daily blogging and I will continue tomorrow with some more motivation/inspiration and myfitnesspal update.

Jessicana xo