Want want want



Could this scene be any more perfect? I wish I was her. I miss the sun in these cold winter months and I wish I looked THIS hot in a bikini.

She has quite a similar shaped body to mine- quite hour glass with around a C cup boobs and curvaceous thighs. How I will pray and work to get her body! Come on Jess! Do it for you!!

Jessicana xo

End of Day Nine

Daily Updates



Here is my final update for a while. Enjoy.

Breakfast: salt crackers 74kcal.

Total: 74kcal.

Lunch: 10 raspberries, 1 jaffa cake, 1 corn on the cob.

Total: 253kcal.

Tea: pork meatballs, mash potato, carrots, natural yogurt, raspberrys, blueberrys, digestive biscuit, cake icing.

Total: 833kcal. SO BAD.

Overall: +1,160 due to no exercise.

Raw till Four




Just an introduction to freelee the banana girl. She is famous on all forms of social media including youtube, instagram and facebook for her self-proclaimed amazing raw till 4 diet. This means that she can only eat raw fruits and veggies until 4 in the afternoon, then she will eat a cooked dinner of some form of carbohydrate and veggies. She is a vegan and many of her videos aim to educate people on the harsh realities of eating meat and dairy products.

Now, I myself am not a vegan nor do I do this Raw till 4 diet (yet- I may try it one day), but I do like watching her motivational videos to get fit! Her vlogs are my favourites and find her most inspirational. Some of her views/ideas are controversial but I think that’s what makes her great and her body shows the results of the diet.

Yesterday (03/09/14) I attempted the raw till four diet for the first time. I found it great, but I didn’t eat anywhere near the portion sizes that she chooses to eat daily. My body doesn’t need it and that’s where mine and her bodies differ. I do agree with her on many things surrounding the dairy industry and since watching her video on milk and how it is actually a form of pus- I now, NEVER drink it. I took a sip of it by accident, thinking it was a bottle of orange juice from the fridge and spat it out. That’s how much I don’t like it. I will do another blog tomorrow on what food I used to eat all the time and now never do.

Yesterday was in fact the first time I have eaten a banana in over a year! As I am aware of many differing views surrounding them, I never knew whether to eat them or not. Freelee raves about them, I am not so keen/sure. What’re your views?

Jessicana xo