Day 7 of 2015- 35 Days of 1200 calories

Daily Updates

Hi everyoneeeee! Third post in three days! I hope you’re all ok! Here are some pictures of what I was eating today:




One bowl of Original Quakers Oats with a banana and 13g of nutella. 241kcal.



I had an apple before lunch. Here was my lunch of 2 rice crackers, 1 tin of tuna with tar tar sauce, cucumber and a small bit of vegetable soup. 228kcal.

Okay I was bad today and REALLY wanted some christmas cake so…





Chicken in a bag with peri peri sauce, sweet potato mashed and stir fried vegetables. 325kcal.


I did have jelly at 20kcal. Followed by a hot chocolate and American Horror Story:

I have just started watching this programme and I love it. It’s terrifying but I love it. Also don’t you love my guinea pig mug?


Here it is- Murderrrrrrrr House!!!!!!! I love it.

Sorry for this bizarre post, I think I’m delirious from not eating…. ffs.


Jessicana xo

p.s. still managed to add tags to this post though didn’t I ;).


End of Day Sixteen

Daily Updates

Hi everyone,
I know I haven’t been blogging 100% on time for the past two and a bit weeks but I can’t quite believe I’m still at it! It really is showing my motivation this time round to change my life and so far, it seems to be working.

Today I am getting back into my exercise regime. I am going to try and do exercise on three different days and hopefully burn 400 calories ish each time. Today I burnt 459 calories doing exercise which I am very happy with! Nearly burnt off the Indian takeaway I had yesterday. I thought I would let you know that as well as this I will be walking 2 miles most days to university lectures but I will not also count this in myfitnesspal or my daily updates as I often forget. I am being active every day though whether that is intense exercise or just walking a few miles.

Here are two pictures showing what I burnt doing Just Dance 4 and on the treadmill. However, I don’t go by the calories burnt on the treadmill as they are based solely on time and not on pace. So I looked online and they said I burnt 249 doing the treadmill- jogging and walking intervals with a total of 15 minutes running at 8km/h.



And here is my food intake:


I had a pretty good day today!

Breakfast: Nectarine 70kcal, 1 Sea Salt Cracker 24kcal.
Total: 94kcal.

Lunch: Fruit cake 280kcal (I wasn’t hungry after exercising).
Total: 280kcal.

Tea: *Stuffed pepper* pepper 30kcal, feta cheese low fat 120kcal, baked beans 140kcal, onion 45kcal, cherry tomato 16kcal, sweetcorn 34kcal.
Total: 386kcal.

Dessert: peach yogurt 100kcal.
Total: 100kcal.

Snacks: 2x green teas 2kcal, diet lemonade 2kcal, club chocolate bar 118kcal.
Total: 122kcal.

So my overall input today was 983-459= 524kcal!
I am absolutely delighted by this because even without the exercise it was a good day! I’m back at uni and back on track. I think this proves that I really do need to exercise everyday in order to eat less because it really takes me appetite away! I will try and find the swimming pool tomorrow (15.09.14).

Jessicana xo