Reward Time- Why not?


Today I bought myself a reward with my Christmas money for losing my Christmas weight. I am 10st 7 today which is just great! I am so happy.

A totally NON-FOOD and all- appearance reward. A new earring for my tragus piercing:

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Daily Updates





I JUST HAD TO UPLOAD THIS. I cannot remember the last time I was this weight, it just has never happened. I have never seen this number on scales! I know I keep saying this but I truly mean it, it is amazing and I’m keeping on going!



This was some of my lunch, I had a huge bowl of this delicious frozen fruit from Tesco which is 90p for about 200 grams! I had 80g of it for only 72kcals and it takes me ages to eat and really fills me up- 10/10 I would recommend!

Jessicana xo