End of Day Nineteen

Daily Updates



Hello everyone :-).

I am writing this actually on the day I completed it, as promised and therefore am completely up to date (phew!). I am impressed to have stayed on until day nineteen! It will keep going to because I am really enjoying blogging my experiences with dieting and my weightloss, all of the likes and support you guys give me makes it even better, so thank you!

Today I was hungover and I didn’t have much of an appetite until I came home from doing 64 lengths of swimming and my stomach growled probably the loudest I’ve ever heard it. I was glad it was rumbling because I like my stomach to tell me when it is really hungry, not my head which is often the case.

 Anyway, here is the update for 17/09/14:

Breakfast: Nectarine 70kcal.

Total: 70kcal.

Lunch: Chilli con carne (I wasn’t even hungry I was just making it in bulk- 6 dinners worth! I pinched a bit to make sure it tasted ok, so this is a guesstimate of what I ate maximum) 150kcal.

Total: 150kcal.

Tea: Tesco vegetarian bean burger 225kcal, cherry bakewell tart (my second favourite after almond croissants! Can you see the running trend of almond here?) 215kcal- so unfair that it is so many calories for a tiny cake, low fat strawberry yogurt 100kcal (SO SORRY I ATE THIS LATER AND DIDN’T ADD IT TO MYFITNESSPAL).

Total: 540kcal.

Snacks: Baked beans 135kcal.

Total: 135kcal.

Exercise- 64 lengths of swimming burnt 333kcal.

2 cups of green tea, 1litre of water.

Total input: 895-333= 562kcal!

Wow. If only I could be hanging everyday without the amount of alcohol the day before! I know that I wasn’t hungry simply due to the chips I had at 4am, maybe they should count towards my calories for today? If so, my intake is 962kcal, which is still ok.

Jessicana xo

End of Day Seventeen

Daily Updates


Hey lovelies,

I am finally getting up to date with my blogging woo! I’m writing this the day after I did it so I’m almost there, I’ll be getting wifi on Wednesday so then I’ll be more religious with it, honest! I am seventeen days into my journey and I can honest say there is a change! I weighed myself this morning and I am 10st 10lbs which is so so good for me, I haven’t been this in years and I’m not stopping now. I can’t quite believe I’m actually losing weight!

I’m living with two of my university friends this year and they’ve come with a very healthy, fit attitude to life and one girl has previously lost a lot of weight so she is an ‘expert’ or so she claims. I’m not going to let her govern me though as I know what works for me. She uses weight watchers and I don’t want to use the products as they often have more calories than the substitute foods! Also I watched her eat three biscuits this evening because she hadn’t eaten all of her points worth during the day- surely if you’re no hungry you shouldn’t eat? Just my opinion. She also wants to document our weight losses but I don’t want to. I am the heaviest and I’m just not doing it.

I thought it would be great to live with people keen on a healthy lifestyle but I’m now feeling pressure which I really don’t want and I don’t think will help my weight loss but we’ll see.

Anyway here is my update for yesterday (15/09/14):

Breakfast: 4x krackawheats 136kcal (these were actually eaten throughout the day to stop hunger, I ate two for breakfast).
Total: 136kcal.

Lunch: fruit cake 280kcal, gala apple 52kcal.
Total: 332kcal.

Tea: veggie tesco bean burger 225kcal, brown rice 216kcal, cherry tomato 16kcal, cucumber 8kcal, barbecue sauce 19kcal, green tea 0kcal.
Total: 484kcal.

Snacks: nectarine 70kcal, diet lemonade 2kcal.
Total: 72kcal.

Exercise- 64 lengths (25m pool) took me 45 minutes! Apparently that means I burnt 335 calories. I did 32 front crawl and 32 breast stroke.
– Half an hour walk burnt 122kcal!
Total: 457kcal.

Total input: 1,024- 457= 547 input.

Yay so happy with that, bring on tomorrow!

Jessicana co

End of Day Fourteen

Daily Updates



This was the date of 12/09/14 which means I am currently two days behind on my blogs but soon enough I will have to just publish multiple in one day because it’s getting me a bit off track, I don’t think any of you would appreciate five in one day because that’s not the point of a daily update. Anyway, today is special because I am actually writing this the day after AND I have a weight update for you.

So yesterday I had an interview for some part time work and so this update is for that day. I got the job anyway which was a perk! 🙂

It wasn’t a great day because afterwards I travelled home and my mum had just been shopping so there was all sorts of goodies in the cupboards, meaning my intake went a bit out of control.

So here it is, my update for 12/09/14:

Breakfast: 2x krackawheat (I am not buying these again) 68kcal, 1 almond filled croissant (my favourite, ate it whilst waiting for my interview- fatty) 330kcal, tea with 2 sugars (thinking about it now, I don’t think I drank it but oh well) 32kcal.

Total: 430kcal. I literally had two breakfasts? Why?? I NEED TO GET MY MOTIVATION BACK AND NOT USE STRESS AS AN EXCUSE TO EAT!

Lunch: 0kcal.

Total: 0kcal. (I didn’t have time).

Tea: Chicken breast, pepper and tomato roasted kebabs (Delish!) 261kcal, white rice (I didn’t actually realise and my mum made it so I felt obliged to eat it- post coming soon on this!) 200kcal, coleslaw 50kcal, beetroot 11kcal.

Total: 522kcal.

Dessert: Greek yogurt 165kcal (full fat :-(), raspberry jam 40kcal, merigue nest 68kcal.

Total: 273kcal. Mum called this a ‘healthy eton mess’. HEALTHY? Is she kidding me? But more importantly why did I eat it?

Snacks (day): Gala apple 47kcal, nectarine 70kcal, iced bun 135kcal.

Snacks (night): Gala apple 47kcal, 3xmints 30kcal, crackers 72kcal, malt fruit loaf 87kcal.

Total: 468kcal.

So my overall total for today was 1,713kcal! Terrible and I’m almost embarrassed to log this on here as so many people are doing so well. Online websites have told me that for me to stay the same weight I should eat 1,700kcal so I will stay the same BUT I DON’T WANT TO BE THE SAME! Today (13/09/14) will be better- more bridesmaid dress shopping and hopefully little food.

Here it is, what I’ve been waiting for. The weigh-in.



As you can see, I weigh 10st 13.2lbs! This means I have lost 1.8lbs. Ha! It’s nothing but it IS a start. Especially as considering, this time last month I was 11st 3lb and had been for over a year. Just by making a bit of a change, the weight is starting to slowly come off. Sure it’s slow but I’m going to keep going until I can read 10st or less on these scales. Seeing this has really boosted my confidence and motivation again! It may only be under 2lbs but I can finally see the 10st on the scale. Woo.

Jessicana xo