Day 7 of 2015- 35 Days of 1200 calories

Daily Updates

Hi everyoneeeee! Third post in three days! I hope you’re all ok! Here are some pictures of what I was eating today:




One bowl of Original Quakers Oats with a banana and 13g of nutella. 241kcal.



I had an apple before lunch. Here was my lunch of 2 rice crackers, 1 tin of tuna with tar tar sauce, cucumber and a small bit of vegetable soup. 228kcal.

Okay I was bad today and REALLY wanted some christmas cake so…





Chicken in a bag with peri peri sauce, sweet potato mashed and stir fried vegetables. 325kcal.


I did have jelly at 20kcal. Followed by a hot chocolate and American Horror Story:

I have just started watching this programme and I love it. It’s terrifying but I love it. Also don’t you love my guinea pig mug?


Here it is- Murderrrrrrrr House!!!!!!! I love it.

Sorry for this bizarre post, I think I’m delirious from not eating…. ffs.


Jessicana xo

p.s. still managed to add tags to this post though didn’t I ;).

Twenty of my favourite healthy foods


download (3)

Just in time for lunch/snack time for you lovely people, here are some of my favourite healthy meals and snacks:

1. Corn on the cob


2. Veggie bean burger with salad (without the bread, of course- you don’t need it)


3. Roasted sweet potato (add a bit of pepper and garlic for more flavour- I also spray mine with fry-light which is 1kcal per spray and stops them from drying out)


4. Matzo crackers (add anything you want- avoid cheese and fat-laden sauces though)


5. Asparagus (add a tiny bit of salt to the water)


6. Mango (I love this trick for cutting them)

Mango with section on a white background

7. Low fat greek yogurt with honey (a tsp)


8. Vegetables with hummus (chilli flavoured is especially delicious!)


9. Green tea (especially with lemon)


10. Apple (sometimes nothing beats it!)

download (2)

11. Strawberries (were once my all time favourite food)

images (2)

12. Chicken stir fry with noodles (just go careful on the salt, oil and portion size!)


13. Dark chocolate (personally, I refuse to believe any chocolate is healthy but due to dieticians claims I have put it in because who can resist ‘healthy’ chocolate?)


14. Grilled chicken


15. Baked Salmon (I used to hate all fish, now I love it)

images (3)

16. Cashew nuts (Eat in MODERATION- no more than 6 at a time)

download (4)

17. Chicken and chickpea curry (no rice)


18. Smoothies (personally, any flavour except coconut- gross)

images (4)

19. Kiwis (you might think this disgusting but I eat the skin too- it’s an excellent source of fibre, if you can stand the hairiness)


20. Glass of Ice Water (the number ONE)


So make sure you add these (or their ingredients) to your next shopping list.

Jessicana xo