Want want want



Could this scene be any more perfect? I wish I was her. I miss the sun in these cold winter months and I wish I looked THIS hot in a bikini.

She has quite a similar shaped body to mine- quite hour glass with around a C cup boobs and curvaceous thighs. How I will pray and work to get her body! Come on Jess! Do it for you!!

Jessicana xo

End of Day Thirty-Six

Daily Updates



Hello lovelies,

Here is my update for 04/10/14:

Today I was at home relaxing which I know I said I wouldn’t come home that often any more but everyone else was home this weekend so I didn’t see why I couldn’t- ha.

Breakfast: Kiwi fruit 44kcal, gala apple 47kcal.

Total: 91kcal.

Lunch: cod fish fingersx3 154kcal, half a sandwich thin wholemeal 50kcal (yes I threw half of it away- yay), tar tar sauce 12kcal.


Total: 216kcal.

Tea: White noodles (Arrghhh) 250kcal, chicken 106kcal, black bean sauce 90kcal, baby sweetcorn 13kcal, red pepper 10kcal, *microwave brownie* (It’s getting ridiculous now, I eat these everyday- I need a substitute)- butter 110kcal, sugar 32kcal, nutella 100kcal, flour 68kcal, vanilla ice cream 100kcal.

Total: 879kcal.

Snacks: 2 crackers 50kcal, nutella 160kcal, banana 100kcal, ham 35kcal, smoothie 18kcal, orange 40kcal, raisins 123kcal.

Total: 526kcal.


Overall total input was 1,712kcal- 331kcal burnt walking on the treadmill= 1381kcal.



I don’t know why but this evening when I went to bed I was STARVING. My stomach was rumbling so much and I had to go to bed early because of it. Horrible and I woke up starving too so something must be happening to my body- something good hopefully.

Jessicana xo

Personal recent events



When I first began this blog a week ago, I decided that I wasn’t going to talk about this part of my motivation on it, but due to the fact I want to be honest with all of you and discuss all aspects of my motivation with the world, so that you too can get motivated and get those bodies that you have ALWAYS wanted, I am going to.

I was dating someone for a while and we made it exclusive. He’d recently come out of a long term relationship and being aware of this, I made sure that he was going to be honest about contact with his ex and that he was ready for a new relationship. He persuaded me and convinced me that he was ready and even told me he loved me?? I should have realised that he said ALL of it to just get into my pants and it worked. I have never been so frustrated and annoyed at myself when he called it off on the day I returned home from uni. But what could I do? What’s done is done and I can’t do anything now. Or can I?

That’s where my motivation comes in. Although he told me his reasons for calling it off, I can’t help but wonder if I did something wrong. I don’t think I did but I guess I’ll never know. This picture with a quote sums up some of my motivation. I can’t say he treated me wrongly exactly but he did hurt me and I want him to regret it! To regret it as much as I regret having sex with him.

Jessicana xo

Thinspo/Inspiration Randomer



I recently stumbled up this picture on pinterest. I cannot believe how thin her stomach is. She is sat down and it’s so flat. Regardless of the stupid duck face she is pulling, she has an amazing body. If I could ever get a body like this, I would never be unhappy. I would be so confident in my body.

I will continue to wish and WORK for it! Lets do this.

Jessicana xo

Exercise Time Three


Hello beautifuls,

Now, as you can see from my blog I have been doing some running/fast walking on the treadmill. Well, starting from the 01/09/14 I began to try and do the ‘couch to 5k’ app used by NHS Choices to promote healthy living. I didn’t buy the app, I simply am doing what the instructions say to do. I’m doing it with a friend which makes it a bit easier and more enjoyable.

Here it is,


I’ll let you guys know how I get on with it.

Being back at university in London, means I am close to all kinds of amenities and there are a bunch of societies at my university that I can join. This year I am planning to do as follows:

Monday- Run

Tuesday- Run/Pilates

Wednesday- Yoga

Thursday- Run/Rest

Friday- Rest

Saturday- Rest

Sunday- Swimming

I’ll keep you updated, also, on whether I can stick to this pretty intense (for me) plan. I might add that when I swim I swim 64x25m lengths (a mile) and when I am running, it will vary depending on my couch to 5k app! All will be revealed.

Sorry but being a student means I NEED Fridays off for partying and Saturdays off to recover. Bring on the buckets of alcohol and hours of hangovers!

Jessicana xo

Post exercise

Daily Updates


IMG_3332.JPGFinished my exercise around an hour ago. After deciding that I actually wanted to go on the Nintendo wii as I haven’t in such a long time, I chose the most extensive workout and managed to burn 236.86 calories! I

After that I took to the treadmill which I am lucky enough to have in my garage. I managed to mostly walk (with some running) at a speed of 6km/h and do 10 laps which is 4km or 2 miles and 854yards. Not that great but it is certainly better than no exercise which is what I normally do at the weekends. It also says I burned off 80 calories which is ok, felt like so many more though!



So as I said in a previous post about comments, I can tell you that even today my family has said things.

My Dad asked me what I was doing several times whilst I was both doing Just Dance and on the treadmill. He then said “Oh yeah, you didn’t walk up the mountain with Mum and I did you. Oh yeah, I see.”

See what? He basically thinks I’m working out because I’ve got fat over the holiday which I can tell you now, is not true and he has no idea. You will probably learn from reading this blog that my Dad has a very funny attitude towards food and exercise. He is skinny and also suffers from a reflux disease where every time he eats, he has to slowly otherwise the food is regurgitated. It is quite disgusting and we all feel sorry for him. This makes it almost impossible for us to go out to dinner as he always feels uncomfortable.

My mum on the other hand is more relaxed. She is slightly overweight and my Dad puts a lot of pressure on her to lose weight and to not eat. This has the reverse effect as she ‘rebels’ and ends up eating more than she might have otherwise. She has very low self-esteem as it is and so her being overweight, makes her lose even more confidence. She has tried and failed at dieting countless times and I’ve watched her every time. Today, mum had some chocolate leftover from the holiday that she’d been eating and offered me some- you’ll see it on my myfitnesspal app later that I will upload (I will try and do this daily).

I have a sister too, younger than me and a LOT thinner than me. She is taller than me too which is even more unfair. It is hard being her sister as I am always next to her and people are always judging and comparing us. We are very different people and have very different frames and to be compared is a just a joke but I don’t want to have to feel like this any more. I want to be able to stand tall and confident next to her, without worrying how fat I look. We can share a few clothes but I want to share ALL our clothes- double the wardrobe then! *Motivation*.