End of Day Twenty-Six

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Today (24/09/14) was possibly one of the worst days of my life and I feel like this blog has just turned into me ranting about my life. I need to let it out somewhere though and this seems to be the best place. I was so hungover I barely did anything except sleep and eat.

Here is the update:

Breakfast: 1 Nectarine 70kcal.

Total: 70kcal.

Lunch: *Raspberry Crumble* Granulated sugar 160kcal, plain flour 68kcal, butter 110kcal, frozen raspberries 66kcal.

Total: 404kcal.

Tea: CHINESE TAKEAWAY AGAIN- Sweet and sour chicken with rice 567kcal, 3x mini spring rolls 237kcal, Onken mango and passionfruit yogurt 203kcal.

Total: 1,007kcal.

Snacks: Mini cheddars 129kcal, cherry tomatoes 20kcal, frozen sweetcorn 144kcal, jammie dodgers 150kcal.

Total: 443kcal.

Overall input was 1,924kcal!

AWFUL. All of this weight I’ve lost is just going to come piling back on unless I do something SOON. Tomorrow? Think I need to look at some serious thinspo.

Jessicana xo

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I have been undergoing my lifestyle change for over a week now and I today and yesterday were the first days that I have felt extremely depressed and sad in myself. I’m not sure whether it is the lack of food or the amount of change and disruption in my life that has caused it but I am very conscious that this may mean I’m going to binge any time now. However, all of these changes do make me feel extremely sick and so I haven’t been over eating as you will see in my update today but I do think I am going to have to have a break from blogging as I just don’t have the amount of time that I need for it, at the moment. I apologise to all my followers but I will return soon enough.

Just in case you all wanted to know- my current weight is 11st 0.8lb and so I have lost a few pounds and am closer to my goal weight than ever.

Goodbye for now, dear followers.

Jessicana xo