End of Day Ninety-two (If I’d been carrying on daily blogging)

Daily Updates



This is my first update in months everyone, and I’m sorry for that but my life is just too busy to keep daily blogging but don’t worry- I break up for christmas soon and my blog will be back up and running with blogs most days, including my daily intake on CHRISTMAS DAY. That will be my motivation for not eating much- the fact it will ALL be blogged on here for you lovelies to see.


As you can see from the scales above- my weight is still going down. This is the lowest it’s been and I’m delighted but am still not satisfied. I only stick to 1200 calories a day when I’m working so 4 days a week but when I spend days at home I eat ridiculous amounts. My lifestyle has changed rapidly though- when I go out to eat, I never use it as an excuse to eat anymore. Last night I went to Nandos (not pizza hut or mcdonald’s) and ate butterfly chicken with macho peas, followed by toffee apple frozen yogurt- this came in at 650calories which was quite a lot but compared to what I would’ve eaten had I gone elsewhere, was so good. I didn’t even get chips? IMG_2764.JPGHere is my lunch today- homemade soup and the crackers have coronation tuna and cucumber slices on. It was delicious. I wanted it to be quite light as I am off out bridesmaid dress shopping now so au revoir xox


End of Day Two

Daily Updates

So here it is, beautiful people, day two is at an end. I have had a pretty good day and have eaten only when my stomach is rumbling, which meant having a chocolate digestive. I ate it so quickly, I choked. I need to not do
this again because my body doesn’t like it. What has surprised me the most is how little food my body actually needs to survive and not feel unwell. Yesterday and today I have not felt sick or headachey which is what I usually feel when I diet. I am delighted to say I haven’t felt this once.

However, I have read enough articles and blogs to see that the third day of any diet you try is the worst so I am anxious to see what tomorrow brings. Luckily I am commuting to university tomorrow and will have lectures so I will be busy and minimal food will be eaten (hopefully)! I will be getting up earlier though so I’ll be interested to see if this changes my hunger pattern- I bet it does.

The one thing that I am concerned about is that my stomach will rumble loudly during my lectures. Please can it not? I’ve read online that if you push your stomach in then it will stop it so I will be trying this- baring in mind you know where your stomach situates in your body. I don’t know why but I get so embarrassed when my stomach rumbles but it’s not like I can help it? You’re not supposed to eat in lectures so what can I do?

Anyway, here is my daily update for 31/08/14:

Breakfast: 2x green teas 2kcal

Total: 2kcal

Lunch: Vegetable soup 150kcal, sweetcorn 48kcal

Total: 198kcal

Tea: (told you they were always bad and today is no exception. However, I was reminiscing on every Sunday dinner I’ve had because it is a tradition in my house that Dad cooks his fry up- made of chips, bacon, beans and buckets of ketchup/BBQ sauce. I had this once every single week and I was imagining the weight piling into me. Especially as I would usually not do anything in the day so no exercise and so all of that fat and grease would go straight to my stomach. Oh well luckily I didn’t have to have it, just had to bare the smell of it). Tesco cod fillet with cheddar cheese and chives 240kcal, sweet potato mash with horseradish sauce 194kcal, tomatoes 60kcal, frozen peas 55kcal.

Total: 549kcal

Dessert: onken strawberry fat free yogurt 79kcal, mini millionaire shortbread bite 72kcal

Total: 151kcal.

Snacks: Large orange at around 2pm 90kcal, tesco milk chocolate digestive biscuit 85kcal, raw tomato 20kcal

Total: 195kcal

Exercise: JustDance4 230kcal and treadmill 192kcal burnt.

1.5 litres water

Overall total input: 672kcal.

This is amazing! Sooo happy with this and I’m going to keep going!

I made a crucial error this evening as I mentioned to my mum that my overall intake was 672kcal and she exclaimed “now that is just bloody stupid”. I proceeded to tell her that that was including the exercise I had done and she relaxed a bit. I am prepared for this reaction from my mum because she finds it so hard to lose weight, like me so she will throw negative thoughts at me. I just need to remain positive!

The best part of this journey so far is I’m not even feeling that hungry and I hope this continues, I think the exercise is helping and the amount of water I am drinking. I have kept myself busy too, sorting things out so this has helped me and I’m well on track to being my desired weight. Especially because I went on the scales again this evening and was 11st 0.8lb. SO HAPPY. Have not been this weight in years and it’s just motivating me to keep at it. I can do this and if I can, so can you!

Jessicana xo