Name and Shame 2




Hi everyone, I thought I’d give you something different on my post surrounding my lifestyle change and so I decided to do another name and shame. THESE. Profiteroles.They were delicious and I’ve probably eaten 9.5 of these in the past 24 hours, which equates to 464 calories. Holy crap. BUT, I ate 9.5 of them? So actually the calories for each individual one are not all that bad, but that’s no excuse really is it.

I’d like to think these were a one off and I won’t eat them any time soon. If anyone has had the profiteroles from Prezzo UK, I strongly advise you don’t try them because they’re too nice to never not have again but here is my try at aversion theory once again, like I did last time.

Profiteroles look like…


Eggs covered in poo. Haha! That’s the best I could do, I apologise. I hate eggs, especially imagine them raw. Gross.

Jessicana xo

Name and Shame




So yesterday (01/09/14) I ate something really unhealthy. This kinder delice cacao (chocolate cake bar with milk) was my weakness and regardless of knowing I didn’t want to eat it, I was so hungry that I just did anyway. As you can see it was a whopping 199kcal which for any snack is outrageous. 10% OF YOUR DAILY INTAKE WHATT. Hold on, who eats 2,000 calories daily? Overweight people? Men perhaps? If I, personally, ate 2,000 calories daily I would weigh 13 stone (at least!) in a matter of months because that is how my body works. If you eat 2,000 calories daily, don’t exercise and are thin then please tell me your secrets and don’t scream genetics at me because that is a pile of bullsh*t and everyone subconsciously knows it.

I want to do something to help myself and others like me from eating this crap again so I am going to use the aversion theory (google it- it’s very interesting) whereby I will think of chocolate or cake and then think of these images below.

wombat poopCertified_Wombat_Faeces

This is Wombat poo. A square shape that does not look much different from chocolate or cakes. Think of this, next time you go to eat that chocolate. It might be wombat poo in disguise- haha.

The comment at the bottom of the cartoon on the left, clearly agrees with me.

Jessicana xo