Foods I never eat (and haven’t done in over a year)


I just thought I would share with you all of the foods that I used to eat on a regular basis but have now cut almost completely.

1. White bread


I never EVER eat white bread unless I have no other options.The only ever time I do is when I eat garlic bread or when I was in france, I ate an inch of white french baguette. This is such a change as I used to eat at least 2 (sometimes 4) slices of white bread DAILY. Can you imagine what this did to my body? Not only would it go straight to my fat stores but also contributes to cholesterol build up in my arteries. Nope, I am not eating it.

2. White pasta

fotolia_5739841_XS whole_wheat_pasta

I do not eat white pasta. I made a simple change to wholewheat and if I am really being healthy it will be vegan too.

3. Milk


I understand 100% that babies and young children (and animals) need milk, however adults don’t and I refuse to eat it knowing what is in it. I rarely drink normal tea and coffee too and if I do, I drink it black. Green tea FTW!

4. Butter

download (5)

I stopped eating pure butter years ago partly because I hate the taste. I only ever eat it when it is in other things like cake, if I ever eat it, or it’s in a certain dinner.

5. Cheddar cheese


I never eat cheddar cheese any more. I used to eat cheese everyday on toast for lunch but now I never even buy it for myself. I only ever eat it when it is in a meal, for example at a restaurant.

6. Squash

download (6)

I never drink squash. My reason for this is due to my not liking its taste and also the additional calories. Why drink squash when you can drink water for 0 calories and I personally prefer the taste and freshness of a cold glass of water.

7. Peanut butter/Jams (and NEVER together)


I never eat peanut butter or jams because they are FULL of sugar and fat. That piece of bread there is probably over 200 calories and won’t fill you up for more than an hour!

8. Hot chocolates


You might as well eat a bar of chocolate- it’ll have the same calories!

9. Dried raisins/sultanas

download (7)

These mislead me for years, I thought they were healthy and I’d eat copious amounts. They’re actually full of sugar and I would rather not eat them.

10. Cereal/Cereal bars

images (5) images (6) images (7) images (8)

I don’t care what cereal it is, every single bowl of it is around 250-300 (with milk) calories and it is pure carbohydrate and fat. Don’t listen to anyone that tells you that 250-300 calories is ok for breakfast unless you are a VERY athletic/busy person. Breakfast shouldn’t be more than 200, for my body type anyway.

I know sometimes it is hard to resist and not eat these foods but just think of the health benefits. You’ll look and feel amazing, you just have to try.

Good luck!

Jessicana xo

Raw till Four



Just an introduction to freelee the banana girl. She is famous on all forms of social media including youtube, instagram and facebook for her self-proclaimed amazing raw till 4 diet. This means that she can only eat raw fruits and veggies until 4 in the afternoon, then she will eat a cooked dinner of some form of carbohydrate and veggies. She is a vegan and many of her videos aim to educate people on the harsh realities of eating meat and dairy products.

Now, I myself am not a vegan nor do I do this Raw till 4 diet (yet- I may try it one day), but I do like watching her motivational videos to get fit! Her vlogs are my favourites and find her most inspirational. Some of her views/ideas are controversial but I think that’s what makes her great and her body shows the results of the diet.

Yesterday (03/09/14) I attempted the raw till four diet for the first time. I found it great, but I didn’t eat anywhere near the portion sizes that she chooses to eat daily. My body doesn’t need it and that’s where mine and her bodies differ. I do agree with her on many things surrounding the dairy industry and since watching her video on milk and how it is actually a form of pus- I now, NEVER drink it. I took a sip of it by accident, thinking it was a bottle of orange juice from the fridge and spat it out. That’s how much I don’t like it. I will do another blog tomorrow on what food I used to eat all the time and now never do.

Yesterday was in fact the first time I have eaten a banana in over a year! As I am aware of many differing views surrounding them, I never knew whether to eat them or not. Freelee raves about them, I am not so keen/sure. What’re your views?

Jessicana xo

End of Day Five

Daily Updates


Today was my worst day so far but I will not give up. I could’ve made it a lot better by eating less during the day and exercising but I wanted to recover my knee 100%. I will exercise tomorrow. The problem was it was one of my friend’s birthday and we went out for dinner at Prezzo.

download (8)

I found it hard to stick to my 1,200 food limit and hence, I was over. I’m pretty gutted, however I should continue to lose weight on this amount, just a less amount. I was quite pleased at myself for being able to keep it this low. I don’t really enjoy going out to eat and really try to avoid it at all costs, I hate the idea that food is the only thing that can bring people together. Pathetic. This is why I hate restaurant dates and will always avoid them. They also have extortionate prices on all their meals compared to making it at home with your own ingredients- a spaghetti bolognaise for ¬£10.50, are you serious? I could make 50 spaghetti bolognaises for that price.

 Anyway, here is my update of my rubbish day of the 03/09/14 as I will continue to show all of my progress- both ups and downs:

Breakfast: nectarine 70kcal, green tea 1kcal.

Total: 71kcal.

Lunch: Blueberries 53kcal, banana 100kcal, strawberry and banana aldi smoothie 55kcal.

Total: 208kcal.

Tea: Half a Prezzo garlic bread (no cheese) 140kcal, 3/4 of a prosciutto ham and asparagus flatbread (again, no cheese) 416kcal, diet coke 0kcal.

Total: 556kcal.

Dessert: Chocolate Profiteroles 400kcal.

Total: 400kcal.

Snacks: white chocolate 60kcal, cooked ham 22kcal, mint 10kcal, cranberry juice 72kcal.


No exercise

1.5litres water.

So, as you can see I messed up but I am not that bothered because tomorrow is a new day and I am a young woman who is going to go out for dinner every now and again and I was pretty good for ordering a zero calorie drink, sharing a garlic bread and eating less than 3/4 of my pizza as I didn’t eat the crusts- I didn’t get mozzarella on my pizza either which probably reduced about 200kcal from it.

As I was going to bed tonight, my mum said “I’m worrying about you, you’re so slim and beautiful.” I disagreed and asked why she was worrying. She said “You’ve lost weight on your face, it is looking more defined.” HALLELUJAH! If I have lost weight on my face, I am delighted. It means this diet is WORKING.

However, she is my mum and she sometimes says things like this, just to stop me from losing weight. AND there is something key she said there. I’m so ‘slim’. What is slim? It’s not fat and it’s not thin either. I HATE SLIM. It’s a stupid word and I don’t want to be it. I will continue until I am THIN. She can worry about me then.

I will weigh myself tomorrow and see what it’s like. I will also exercise.

Jessicana xo

Thinspo/Inspiration Randomer



I recently stumbled up this picture on pinterest. I cannot believe how thin her stomach is. She is sat down and it’s so flat. Regardless of the stupid duck face she is pulling, she has an amazing body. If I could ever get a body like this, I would never be unhappy. I would be so confident in my body.

I will continue to wish and WORK for it! Lets do this.

Jessicana xo