Daily Updates

Wow I haven’t written on this blog in so so long so I definitely owe you lot an update!

I’m currently 10 stone 9.5lbs and the wedding is 4 weeks away today. I don’t think I’m going to manage to lose enough weight to be 9 stone 13lbs as I’m going to be honest with you I’ve hit a binging wall! Every time I don’t eat very much, I binge so much the next day and eat the calories I otherwise would have lost weight on. So unfair. It got so hard and I just felt like shit so then I concentrated on trying to just eat 1400 but I can only maintain on that amount, it is very hard to lose weight. I think that might be my basal metabolic rate, or around the 1500 mark so what is the point in me trying to lose weight on that? It would take months! No one can weight that long.

I’ve decided that eating 1200 calories is hell on earth, the majority of the time unless I feel ill or extremely bloated?

I don’t really have a recent picture of my body but maybe I’ll take one soon, there’s not much change- maybe a bit of weight loss off my stomach and my legs are more muscular because I’ve been walking so much! I have been walking 10,000-15,000 steps everyday.

Anyway, I will try and post more but I can’t promise it, my degree takes over my life and living with other people makes it harder to find time to be by myself. 

Jessicana xo

End of Day Ninety-two (If I’d been carrying on daily blogging)

Daily Updates



This is my first update in months everyone, and I’m sorry for that but my life is just too busy to keep daily blogging but don’t worry- I break up for christmas soon and my blog will be back up and running with blogs most days, including my daily intake on CHRISTMAS DAY. That will be my motivation for not eating much- the fact it will ALL be blogged on here for you lovelies to see.


As you can see from the scales above- my weight is still going down. This is the lowest it’s been and I’m delighted but am still not satisfied. I only stick to 1200 calories a day when I’m working so 4 days a week but when I spend days at home I eat ridiculous amounts. My lifestyle has changed rapidly though- when I go out to eat, I never use it as an excuse to eat anymore. Last night I went to Nandos (not pizza hut or mcdonald’s) and ate butterfly chicken with macho peas, followed by toffee apple frozen yogurt- this came in at 650calories which was quite a lot but compared to what I would’ve eaten had I gone elsewhere, was so good. I didn’t even get chips? IMG_2764.JPGHere is my lunch today- homemade soup and the crackers have coronation tuna and cucumber slices on. It was delicious. I wanted it to be quite light as I am off out bridesmaid dress shopping now so au revoir xox



Daily Updates





I JUST HAD TO UPLOAD THIS. I cannot remember the last time I was this weight, it just has never happened. I have never seen this number on scales! I know I keep saying this but I truly mean it, it is amazing and I’m keeping on going!



This was some of my lunch, I had a huge bowl of this delicious frozen fruit from Tesco which is 90p for about 200 grams! I had 80g of it for only 72kcals and it takes me ages to eat and really fills me up- 10/10 I would recommend!

Jessicana xo