End of Day Thirty-Four

Daily Updates



Hey everyone,

Here is another late update for 02/10/14, not a very good day but wow I exercised a lot to make up for it!

Breakfast: Peach 59kcal, fig roll 67kcal.

Total: 126kcal.

Lunch: 4x cream crackers 140kcal, butter 55kcal, marmite 9kcal, apple 52kcal, BEN AND JERRY’S ICE CREAM 1,000KCALS! (Yes, I literally ate the whole pot…).

Total: 1,256kcal.

Tea: Papa John’s Hawaiian BBQ Pizza 1,262kcal, barbecue dipping sauce 45kcal.

Total: 1,307kcal.

Snacks: Half a chocolate chip cookie 64kcal.

Total: 64kcal.

Overall total input is 2,753kcal- 395kcal burnt walking and 467kcal swimming= 1891kcal.

Not bad, considering how much I ate but it would obviously have been a LOT better for me if I hadn’t eaten all of that.

End of Day Twenty-Five

Daily Updates



Hello everyone,

Here is my update for 23/09/14. A pretty good day but then I drank alcohol. However, I was sick SO MUCH from the alcohol and so probably next to none of this is still in my body. I have realised that dieting and drinking alcohol just cannot go together and I’m as good as done with drinking. I don’t even like clubbing that much so I’m going to just find something else to do with my spare time- like a society or UNI WORK! I can’t believe I was sick and it was so much. It did kind of make me think ‘good’ though because it meant all the toxins and calories were no longer in my body.

This morning I noticed my flat mates looking at my stomach and I think I’ve definitely lost weight. They were looking at it with an almost concerned look on their face. I couldn’t be happier. I think the major factor that’s contributed to my weight loss is the swimming. I am currently 10st 10lb. I ALWAYS write 11 just in habit, how bad. I am no longer 11 and I never want to be again- wow that’s a pretty good feeling!

Anyway here is the update for 24/09/14:

Breakfast: Nectarine 70kcal.

Total: 70kcal.

Lunch: Cod fish fingers 150kcal, large carrot 54kcal, low fat houmous 90kcal, barbecue sauce 19kcal.

Total: 311kcal.

Dinner: Chilli con carne 150kcal, Brown rice 152kcal, barbecue sauce 21kcal.

Total: 323kcal.

Snacks: Bakewell tart 215kcal, Mango chunks 75kcal, club chocolate bar 118kcal. THEN 880kcal of white wine.

Total: 1288kcal.

I swam 64 lengths in the mornng burning 402 calories and walked about 3 miles 182kcal.

So my overall intake for the day was 1992-584=1408kcal.

But, as I said, I was sick and I’m pretty sure all of my dinner and the wine came up. I feel so rough now though and am going back to bed.

Jessicana xo

End of Day Twenty-Two

Daily Updates



Hello lovelies,

Here is my update for yesterday (20/09/14) which makes it day TWENTY-TWO! Ah I’m ¬†so proud of myself :-). I know I wouldn’t be keeping up with this diet if it wasn’t for this blog so I thank each and every person to visits/likes/reblogs my posts!

Yesterday was a mediocre day:

Breakfast: 1 gala apple 47kcal.

Total: 47kcal.

Lunch: Birdseye fish fingers 180kcal, Tomato ketchup 27kcal, Cherry bakewell tart 215kcal.

Total: 422kcal.

Tea: Chilli con carne 150kcal, Brown rice 152kcal, barbecue sauce 21kcal, a WHOLE big bar of Milky Bar White Chocolate Bar 550kcal.

Total: 873kcal.

Snacks: Frozen mango chunks 20kcal, Cranberry and Raspberry Juice 100kcal.

Total: 120kcal.

Exercise- 64 lengths swimming burnt 333kcal.

Total input: 1,462-333= 1,129kcal.

Not bad, under 1,200 so should be still losing some decent weight :-).

Jessicana xo

End of Day Nineteen

Daily Updates



Hello everyone :-).

I am writing this actually on the day I completed it, as promised and therefore am completely up to date (phew!). I am impressed to have stayed on until day nineteen! It will keep going to because I am really enjoying blogging my experiences with dieting and my weightloss, all of the likes and support you guys give me makes it even better, so thank you!

Today I was hungover and I didn’t have much of an appetite until I came home from doing 64 lengths of swimming and my stomach growled probably the loudest I’ve ever heard it. I was glad it was rumbling because I like my stomach to tell me when it is really hungry, not my head which is often the case.

 Anyway, here is the update for 17/09/14:

Breakfast: Nectarine 70kcal.

Total: 70kcal.

Lunch: Chilli con carne (I wasn’t even hungry I was just making it in bulk- 6 dinners worth! I pinched a bit to make sure it tasted ok, so this is a guesstimate of what I ate maximum) 150kcal.

Total: 150kcal.

Tea: Tesco vegetarian bean burger 225kcal, cherry bakewell tart (my second favourite after almond croissants! Can you see the running trend of almond here?) 215kcal- so unfair that it is so many calories for a tiny cake, low fat strawberry yogurt 100kcal (SO SORRY I ATE THIS LATER AND DIDN’T ADD IT TO MYFITNESSPAL).

Total: 540kcal.

Snacks: Baked beans 135kcal.

Total: 135kcal.

Exercise- 64 lengths of swimming burnt 333kcal.

2 cups of green tea, 1litre of water.

Total input: 895-333= 562kcal!

Wow. If only I could be hanging everyday without the amount of alcohol the day before! I know that I wasn’t hungry simply due to the chips I had at 4am, maybe they should count towards my calories for today? If so, my intake is 962kcal, which is still ok.

Jessicana xo

Exercise Time Three


Hello beautifuls,

Now, as you can see from my blog I have been doing some running/fast walking on the treadmill. Well, starting from the 01/09/14 I began to try and do the ‘couch to 5k’ app used by NHS Choices to promote healthy living. I didn’t buy the app, I simply am doing what the instructions say to do. I’m doing it with a friend which makes it a bit easier and more enjoyable.

Here it is,


I’ll let you guys know how I get on with it.

Being back at university in London, means I am close to all kinds of amenities and there are a bunch of societies at my university that I can join. This year I am planning to do as follows:

Monday- Run

Tuesday- Run/Pilates

Wednesday- Yoga

Thursday- Run/Rest

Friday- Rest

Saturday- Rest

Sunday- Swimming

I’ll keep you updated, also, on whether I can stick to this pretty intense (for me) plan. I might add that when I swim I swim 64x25m lengths (a mile) and when I am running, it will vary depending on my couch to 5k app! All will be revealed.

Sorry but being a student means I NEED Fridays off for partying and Saturdays off to recover. Bring on the buckets of alcohol and hours of hangovers!

Jessicana xo