Day 7 of 2015- 35 Days of 1200 calories

Daily Updates

Hi everyoneeeee! Third post in three days! I hope you’re all ok! Here are some pictures of what I was eating today:




One bowl of Original Quakers Oats with a banana and 13g of nutella. 241kcal.



I had an apple before lunch. Here was my lunch of 2 rice crackers, 1 tin of tuna with tar tar sauce, cucumber and a small bit of vegetable soup. 228kcal.

Okay I was bad today and REALLY wanted some christmas cake so…





Chicken in a bag with peri peri sauce, sweet potato mashed and stir fried vegetables. 325kcal.


I did have jelly at 20kcal. Followed by a hot chocolate and American Horror Story:

I have just started watching this programme and I love it. It’s terrifying but I love it. Also don’t you love my guinea pig mug?


Here it is- Murderrrrrrrr House!!!!!!! I love it.

Sorry for this bizarre post, I think I’m delirious from not eating…. ffs.


Jessicana xo

p.s. still managed to add tags to this post though didn’t I ;).

End of Day Fifteen

Daily Updates



Hello everyone, I am finally getting back on track with my daily updates, I am actually writing this on the day that I completed it, however I will be scheduling it later so you can see my previous days before it- makes sense? Hopefully! 🙂

I went bridesmaid dress shopping again today and as you’ll see in another post, later on this evening, it was successful but entirely devastating. Regardless, it didn’t change how much I ate which it really should have done!

Breakfast: Nectarine 70kcal, a Sip of orange juice 12kcal.

Total: 82kcal.

Lunch: *Pub lunch estimate amount* Large white pitta bread 225kcal, iceburg lettuce 5kcal, 2 cherry tomatoes 8kcal, sour cream dip 73kcal, salsa 10kcal, pepper 14kcal, chicken breast 76kcal, Diet Coke 0kcal.

Total: 411kcal.

Tea: *Indian takeaway- uh oh, not actually as bad as I normally am!* 1/3 of a peshwari nan bread 262kcal, Tablespoon of chicken balti with 2 pieces of chicken 92kcal, tablespoon of chicken tikka masala with 1 piece of chicken 75kcal, Chicken shaslic with 1 piece of chicken 74kcal, 1/8 of a tray of pilau rice 71kcal.

Total: 575kcal. (Can’t actually believe I managed to eat so little considering there was SO MUCH left! I didn’t feel like I missed out on anything either as I had a little bit of everything).

Dessert: *why!?* Grandad’s birthday fruitcake 314kcal (approx.)

Total: 314kcal.

Snacks: Iced bun 135kcal, Werther’s original 8kcal.

Total: 143kcal.

Overall total: 1,525kcal.

This would’ve been an ok day without the fruit cake, I MUST RESIST IT.

Jessicana xo


Daily Updates


On Wednesday, was my friend’s birthday party and my self control went completely out of the window! I am going to try and remember/summarise the amount I ate and work out the potential calories. I was full to the brim and yet I still continued to eat- why? Because I was ‘at a party’. Rubbish excuse. Back to dieting today, I’m going to eat next to nothing to make up for being greedy.

3x small sausage rolls 168kcal
1 piece of birthday cake with icing 200kcal
The equivalent of two packets of Doritos and a packet of Walkers crisps 400kcal
3 chocolate mini rolls bites 240kcal
3 millionaire shortbread bites 240kcal
Half a pepper 19kcal, an inch of cucumber 8cal with a tbsp guacamole 45kcal, tbsp salsa 10kcal, tsp sour cream 30kcal dips
2 x chicken caesar wraps 250kcal
1/8 sausage and red onion quiche 129kcal
1 quarter of a brown bread turkey and cream cheese sandwich 100kcal
2 small packs of jelly babies haribo 139kcal
8 maoam sweets 180kcal
1 can of Taurus pear cider 150kcal
1 flute of prosecco 100kcal.
TOTAL: 2,308KCAL!!!!!


And this wasn’t all I ate during the day…

Breakfast- 2 krackawheats 68kcal, frozen fruit 70kcal.
Total: 138kcal.
Snacks: 1 chocolate club bar 118kcal, 1 apple 47kcal.
Total: 165kcal.

So my overall total for the day was: 2,611!

Literally awful and with the McDonald’s I ate on my night out (09.09.14) I have eaten the equivalent of a pound (3,500kcal) and so will be putting that on, great. Major slipback but it’s ok, I knew this was going to be hard and I’m not about to give up!

Jessicana xo

End of Day Eleven

Daily Updates



Today (09/09/14) was a REALLY bad day. I went out drinking BUT I only drank coffee as I didn’t want to drink the vast amount of alcohol and calories down. HOWEVER, I ate Mcdonald’s at about 3am in the morning! Terrible but I was so tired and everyone else was eating. This is the problem with being at university and why everyone talks about the freshers ’15’. 15 POUNDS OF WEIGHT GAIN. NO! I won’t let it happen.

Breakfast: green tea 1kcal, 4x krackawheat 136kcal.

Total: 137kcal.

Lunch: almond croissant (my favourite!) 365kcal.

Total: 365kcal.

Tea: Stirfry sauce 192kcal, chicken breast 156kcal, stir fry veg 144kcal.

Total: 492kcal.

2am feast: Mcdonald’s chicken selects 4 pieces 606kcal, Mcdonald’s fries 330kcal, Barbecue sauce 50kcal.

Total: 986kcal.

Snacks: plum 40kcal, apple 47kcal, 2x mints 20kcal, 5x coffees with sugar 150kcal.

Exercise: Fast walking to university 220+81=301kcal.

Overall input: 2,237-301= 1,936kcal.


End of Day Eight

Daily Updates



Hi there, this is my update for today (06/09/14), I was shopping today so burnt calories walking around but I was also hanging so ate way way waaaaay too much and am quite annoyed but oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

Breakfast: (I ATE BROWN TOAST FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YEARS AND BUTTER! I was hungover so needed it, I didn’t manage to eat the whole piece though as I felt so sick). 1 piece of brown bed 110kcal, butter 11kcal, tea with 2 sugars (no milk) 50kcal.

Total: 171kcal.

Lunch: Salt and black pepper cracker 21kcal, barbeque chicken sandwich from costa 390kcal, costa lemon drizzle 374kcal.

Total: 785kcal.

Tea: crispy chicken 210kcal, noodles 310kcal, tomato 12kcal, cucumber 8kcal.

Total: 540kcal.

Snack: 1 mint 10kcal.

Total: 10kcal.

So my overall intake is 1,506kcal which to be honest will also make me lose weight as online it says I should be eating 1,700kcal which is a complete lie.

Jessicana xo

Name and Shame




So yesterday (01/09/14) I ate something really unhealthy. This kinder delice cacao (chocolate cake bar with milk) was my weakness and regardless of knowing I didn’t want to eat it, I was so hungry that I just did anyway. As you can see it was a whopping 199kcal which for any snack is outrageous. 10% OF YOUR DAILY INTAKE WHATT. Hold on, who eats 2,000 calories daily? Overweight people? Men perhaps? If I, personally, ate 2,000 calories daily I would weigh 13 stone (at least!) in a matter of months because that is how my body works. If you eat 2,000 calories daily, don’t exercise and are thin then please tell me your secrets and don’t scream genetics at me because that is a pile of bullsh*t and everyone subconsciously knows it.

I want to do something to help myself and others like me from eating this crap again so I am going to use the aversion theory (google it- it’s very interesting) whereby I will think of chocolate or cake and then think of these images below.

wombat poopCertified_Wombat_Faeces

This is Wombat poo. A square shape that does not look much different from chocolate or cakes. Think of this, next time you go to eat that chocolate. It might be wombat poo in disguise- haha.

The comment at the bottom of the cartoon on the left, clearly agrees with me.

Jessicana xo