End of Day Twenty-Four

Daily Updates



Hello lovelies,

Actually an update on the day I completed it and it was a terrible day, as the past few days have also been! I really need to get my act together with this but it’s literally impossible when I go out and drink so many times a week- I’m going out tomorrow too. I could not drink but I wouldn’t have as good a night as when I do drink so that’s not really an option, we’ll see. I managed to cut down on what I ate whilst drunk yesterday so maybe there is hope. I will exercise properly tomorrow too with swimming and walking.

Update for 22/09/14:

Breakfast: Nectarine 70kcal.

Total: 70kcal.

Lunch: Pesto Chicken Sandwich 315kcal (I don’t understand how a light choices option is still over 300 calories? This world has gone mad!), low fat houmous 90kcal, cucumber 16kcal, cherry tomatoes 24kcal, carrot stick 5kcal.

Total: 450kcal.

Tea: SIX Chinese hoisin duck pancakes 570kcal, Sweet and sour chicken with rice 567kcal, Sweet and sour chicken balls 300kcal.

Total: 1,437kcal!!

Snacks: Spearmint gum 7kcal.

Total: 7kcal.

Overall total input was 1,964kcal- 242kcal walking= 1722kcal.

Not overly bad, I shouldn’t put weight on from this but I probably will. It’s weigh-in day in our house tomorrow so we’ll see how I have done compared to the others.

Jessicana xo


Daily Updates


On Wednesday, was my friend’s birthday party and my self control went completely out of the window! I am going to try and remember/summarise the amount I ate and work out the potential calories. I was full to the brim and yet I still continued to eat- why? Because I was ‘at a party’. Rubbish excuse. Back to dieting today, I’m going to eat next to nothing to make up for being greedy.

3x small sausage rolls 168kcal
1 piece of birthday cake with icing 200kcal
The equivalent of two packets of Doritos and a packet of Walkers crisps 400kcal
3 chocolate mini rolls bites 240kcal
3 millionaire shortbread bites 240kcal
Half a pepper 19kcal, an inch of cucumber 8cal with a tbsp guacamole 45kcal, tbsp salsa 10kcal, tsp sour cream 30kcal dips
2 x chicken caesar wraps 250kcal
1/8 sausage and red onion quiche 129kcal
1 quarter of a brown bread turkey and cream cheese sandwich 100kcal
2 small packs of jelly babies haribo 139kcal
8 maoam sweets 180kcal
1 can of Taurus pear cider 150kcal
1 flute of prosecco 100kcal.
TOTAL: 2,308KCAL!!!!!


And this wasn’t all I ate during the day…

Breakfast- 2 krackawheats 68kcal, frozen fruit 70kcal.
Total: 138kcal.
Snacks: 1 chocolate club bar 118kcal, 1 apple 47kcal.
Total: 165kcal.

So my overall total for the day was: 2,611!

Literally awful and with the McDonald’s I ate on my night out (09.09.14) I have eaten the equivalent of a pound (3,500kcal) and so will be putting that on, great. Major slipback but it’s ok, I knew this was going to be hard and I’m not about to give up!

Jessicana xo